Kick off 2021 in Raglan

At the start of every year, we go on a team excursion to kick off the new year with some fun (and games!).

After introducing the new trainees to the team, it was time to start the team challange.

The challange to figure out was this: how far can two raw eggs fly through the air and land unharmed when you only have a limited amount of resouces – i.e. a string, clips, selo tape, A3 paper and a couple of baloons. This is our kind of fun.

After a planning phase, several concepts were introduced, whereby the cable railway idea was the favoured by the majorty with the most ambitious goal being 80m.

After an hour of trial and error (with a hard boiled egg!) it got serious. All teams had to prove that their eggs were capable of traveling through the air, unharmed and as far as possible.

It turned out that the favoured concept of using a ”railway cable” had more issues than expected and the method of throwing the eggs, well wrapped, came out top with a reach of 42m.

Well done team Joyce, Reynard und Michael!