Soporte de tecnología SAP

If your SAP system has to be available around the clock, but you don’t want to completely outsource your IT, Centrix offers you an elegant alternative. We administer, and maintain your system in the European evening and night hours during our normal working hours here in New Zealand.

We know how important it is to upgrade a SAP system without major interruptions. Centrix offers you the option to upgrade your system according to the SAP best practice and that also in an accelerated procedure with the fastest possible implementation. Two shifts cut downtime in half.

If you want to keep your data warehouse in good condition, you have to think about a lifecycle information management strategy. Centrix offers a step-by-step plan of how you can define which data must be archived and which not. Business-oriented, pragmatic and usable in the long term. Data, information and knowledge at the right time, tailored to the user and cost-effective.

We can prepare your data overnight and provide analyzes for the next day. So you can work with important data as quickly as possible. We would be happy to advise you on the use of SAP HANA.

The monitoring tool from Paessler PRTG with highly developed SAP sensors enables comprehensive monitoring not only of the SAP system landscape but also of all non-SAP databases and network components. We’ll show you how quick and easy this tool is to use.