Centrix at NZSUG Hamilton – 2021

This year’s NZ SAP User Group event was recently held live in person at Gallagher Group in Hamilton.

This was the first in person event after last year’s virtual events due to the COVID restrictions.

About 130 people attending the event, and were represented with a good mix of SAP User Companies and SAP Consulting Partners.


Centrix Consulting not only had two presenting slots, but also hosted the morning tea and provided some excellent quality coffee.


Presentation: SAP Robotic Process Automation with OCR Recognition

Presenters: Kevin Allen, Centrix Consulting


Our first presentation was by Kevin Allen, which explained how Centrix has used SAP’s IRPA (Intelligent Robotic Process Automation) to build bots for one of our customers.

Said bot automate the Stocktake post processing in SAP.  The initial goal of the project was to reduce the processing time from 2.5 hours per store, roughly 1 hour.  We actually managed to reduce the processing time of each store to 30 minutes, which is a whopping 80% improvement.


Kevin followed on from this with a live demo, showing how SAP IRPA can be used, in conjunction with 3rd party OCR application, to gather information from Sales Orders in PDF format, and use this information to create a sales order in SAP.


Presentation: Robotic Process Automation.pdf



Presentation: AI and SAP
Presenter: Prof Albert Bifet, University of Waikato and Stefan Mayer, Centrix Consulting


Our second presentation was in unison with Prof Albert Bifet from the University of Waikato.  Professor Bifet is the head of the newly formed AI Institute of the University of Waikato.

Professor Bifet talked about all the work they have done in the space of AI, while Centrix’s Managing Director, Stefan Mayer, explained how SAP HANA and an SDK (developed by our German Partner Nextlytics), can be used to improve performance in data analysis and throughput.  A Proof-of-Concept was conducted with one of our partners, Nextlytics, to calculate and illustrate the performance enhancements that SAP HANA provides in the Data Science space.


Stefan also talked about a Sentiment Analysis project, which centered around combing AI with Open Source Geospatial tools, to visualise the output on the web.  SAP HANA was used to store the results and can also easily integrate with other data.


Presentation: AI and SAP.pdf


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