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The Business A large European retailer. The Problem Time-consuming complex process 10 exceptions to the rule Prone to user error Manual Excel manipulation Legal requirement 1000 Stores in 3 months (17 Stores per day) 2.5 hours per store The Solution SAP IRPA attended Bot Bot deployed on 12+ machines Automate all exceptions Meet legal requirements […]

We are very pleased to announce our collaboration in the area of machine learning in the industry with the University of Waikato in Hamilton, led by Professor Albert Bifet, director of the Institute of Artificial Intelligence. The joint project aims to implement AI and machine learning methods in New Zealand based businesses to improve crucial […]

At the start of every year, we go on a team excursion to kick off the new year with some fun (and games!). After introducing the new trainees to the team, it was time to start the team challange. The challange to figure out was this: how far can two raw eggs fly through the […]

SAP recognises our contribution at Centrix to the SAP eco-system in delivering outstanding 24/7 support to the Retail and Analytics SAP community in New Zealand and Europe with the SAP Silver Partner status. Our innovative support model and cost effective approach has been finally rewarded.